• One of the most important components of a good app; security.

    The success of an app largely depends on its security. Users choose to have secure apps because the security of your app protects their data stored by the app. Thus, app security is an indispensable part of a successful app.

  • Why HTTPS?

    HTTPS protocol is designed for safe data transfer over internet and web networks. The integrity and privacy between the app and the server is built by key encryptions and thanks to this secure infrastructure, the content of the transferred data cannot be viewed or changed. This protocol which provides encryption by SSL certificates is used to verify the id of the server, encrypt the content of the transfer, confirm the integrity of the transfer and check whether or not the content of the transferred message is changed by a hacker.

  • Your data is safe with Appforyou.

    All data transfer on Appforyou is handled using HTTPS protocol. The files you upload, in-app correspondence and your delicate data like e-mails can be stored safely on Appforyou Platform