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Meet Appforyou platform, start generating mobile revenue.

Appforyou gathers users who wish to create their app without coding, developers who would like to generate income by selling their products and services on the platform and resellers who are eager to sell mobile apps to their customers.

While appforyou users create apps with our App Creation Tool without coding, developers get the chance to sell their products to people all over the world.

By joining our developers community, you can start selling your products all over the world.

What to sell?

  • Plugins

    Instead of dealing with all the parts of a project, develop plugins only on your areas of expertise.

  • (SaaS) Coding Services

    Your coding services can be integrated to Appforyou Platform. You can sell monthly subscriptions, set a fixed product price or price per user.

  • Theme Designs

    You can create new themes for native apps, websites and PWAs.

  • Only focus on your products and services!

    Instead of struggling with application development and publication process of a whole project, you can focus on your existing products and services such as your plugins. You can improve them until they are perfect and sell them to thousands of users.

  • Rather than tackling the burden of a whole project develop small components.

    Instead of facing the difficulties and obstacles of a whole project, you can generate revanue by developing small components like plugins and templates on your areas of expertise. You can collect your income directly from Appforyou

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