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  • No need to wait more to have an app of your dreams. Appforyou helps you to create your app without writing a line of code and also makes publishing process of your app on App Stores quite easy directly from the admin panel we offer.

    Without the need for huge budgets, you can create your high performance mobile app in an amazingly economical way. On Appforyou, you can add developer plugins to your app fast and easy. Moreover, you can easily customize your app by choosing from designer templates or you can use templates to build the look of your app from scratch. With its user-friendly interface and drag and drop function Appforyou's App Creation Tool promises an enjoyable app creation process.

  • If you are willing to generate mobile revenue by selling mobile apps, you can join our White Label Reseller Program. In this way, you can create high performance and smart mobile apps for your customers in no time. By using easily-manageable Appforyou Mobile App Creation Tool, you can offer your customers personalized mobile apps without any coding. You can have access to the regularly updated plugin catalogue and create new apps whenever you like.

  • By joining our Developers Program you can sell your plugins, templates, api and web services on Appforyou. By avoiding the burden of managing all the phases of a project, you can focus on small pieces of work and by adding them to Appforyou library, you can earn money as long as Appforyou users purchase your products.

Far more than native apps...

Appforyou leads you to the perfect path to make yourself visible, reach potential customers and grow your business by offering you more than a native app.

  • Native apps

    With coding for both İOS and Android platforms, get the highest performance on all devices.

  • PWA

    Offer the best experience for the ones visiting your site on mobile devices.

  • Websites

    By your own native app, reinforce your interaction with your users and get in touch with potential users through your website.

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Time to Realize your projects!

By creating your app with Appforyou Mobile App Creation Tool, you can both save time and avoid costly developing fees. Add the plugins you need from our plugin library. Customize the design of your mobile app in detail or choose a design template that suits your needs and go ahead.

  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • Countless Design Features
  • View your changes instantly with live preview feature.
  • Rich plugin library updated regularly.
  • No need for coding experience.

Capture the look of your dreams!

Appforyou Creation Tool has all the features you need to create the app of your dreams. Choose your design template and either customize the parts you like or create a completely new design from scratch without the need for technical skills.

  • Theme Library
  • Color Palettes
  • Components
  • Add Picture
  • Add Icon
  • Configure/Stylize

Test drive without paying any fees.

You can test the app you create with Appforyou Creation Tool before publishing so you can view the efficiency and functionality of your app in advance. You can also live preview your app by downloading Appforyou's Test App, which enables you test drive your app just by having its barcode read.

Plugin Architecture

Appforyou plugin architecture is composed of plugins that can be integrated to one another like the parts of a puzzle. These plugins coded by developers are added to our library after being tested by our team of experts. As the end users, the only thing you need to do is to add the plugins you need in the library to your app by a single click without writing a line of code.

With Appfor you overcome the economic barriers of building an app!

The high cost of building personal mobile apps, the complexity of publishing on mobile markets and the infrastructure costs like hosting and backup services are no longer an obstacle. On Appforyou Platform projects that once need high budgets can be realized far more easily.

  • The cost of developing personal apps

    Instead of allocating huge budgets for developing your mobile apps, you can create powerful and functional mobile apps using Appforyou at incredibly low costs.

  • Plugin System

    Instead of an overall pricing of the features in general, Appforyou has a different pricing system for advanced plugins. In this way, you only pay for the advanced plugins you need.

  • Infrastructure costs

    No more infrastructure costs with Appforyou. Hosting, maintanence and backup needs of your mobile app are met by Appforyou free of charge during your membership.

  • Native app, PWA and website

    By using the plugins in our library, you can have the world's most affordable and powerful native app, PWA and website.

  • extension domain name

    You can either use your domain or pick one from Appforyou for your website. Also, you can get a free domain from Appforyou with the extension

  • Appforyou certificates

    You can publish your mobile app either with your own certificate or with Appforyou certificates free of charge.

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Manage your projects easily.

Manage your mobile apps on a single admin panel. Develop new projects, test drive and publish.

  • Create user
  • User Autorization
  • Content Management
  • Statistics
  • C-panel
  • Market settings
  • Ad management
  • Social media management

Manage your app whereever you like.

You can manage your app on your mobile device. You can add your mobile device id on the admin panel and display your app on your device as a user or the admin.

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The power behind a high performance app; strong infrastructure!

By creating your mobile app on Appforyou, you can have a strong infrstructure without the need for external sources. Appforyou offers an all in one solution with low cost and high functionality.