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Native App

As native apps are developed platform specific, their performance are much higher than others. Your apps are published on Android and İOS platforms as native apps for high performance and the utmost user experience.

Progressive Web App

With web app technology your website's look and the user experience it promises will reach to that of your app.

Web Site

With Appforyou you can have a website having similar features as your app. By choosing the one you like from our templates, you can create your website with a single click and manage its content on your admin panel.


Admin Panel

You can manage switch between all your projects on your admin panel with ease. Your admin panel also functions as an advanced Content Management System (CMS). As your admin panel is structured according to the features you add to your app, you can manage the whole content of your app, track orders and appointments as well as all the other functions of your app.

Appforyou App Creation Tool

Appforyou not only helps you create the app of your dreams with no coding experience but it also helps you create the content of your app. You can create the content of your app on your admin panel or you can use app creator's interface for this purpose and have a look at its preview. To add new content you simply click on the field you would like to add your content on your app's preview screen.

Admin App

You can also manage your app from your mobile device. By adding the device id on your admin panel, you can assign it as admin and thus manage various features of your app from your mobile device.


Your admin panel enables you to view the general statistical data about each of your projects. You can also view the number of downloads for every platform as well as the daily traffic your app gets.

App Creation Tool


With Appforyou's countless design tools and user-friendly interface, you can easily create the app of your dreams. If you like, you can start your design from scratch or you can choose to use a design template and customize its components as you wish. Besides, by means of the drag and drop feature of our App Creation Tool, creating your app becomes much easier and enjoyable.


You can choose the plugins from our library in view of the features you need and add them to your app without difficulty, you can also specify on which buttons each plugin will run.

Create Content

Appforyou App Creation Tool lets you input your content while you create your app. You just click on the field you would like to add your content on preview screen.


Choose Plugin

Do not get jammed in molds while creating your app. You can add the plugins you need from our repository and create your unique mobile app in view of your needs.

Test App

Appforyou App Creation Tool allows you to test your app before publishing on app stores. By installing Appforyou's test app on your device, you can check out and test how your app runs.

High Performance

Created for both iOS and Android platforms, you will get the highest performance from your app. Besides, Appforyou's infrastructure is built to meet huge traffic and offer the best performance for your app and website.


Design Templates

You can design your mobile app from scratch or you can choose one from our design templates and if you like, you can customize it as you wish.


You can design your app's homepage with advanced component features and assign plugins to these components in view of your needs. Each component acts as a holder and can be customized individually.

Color Palettes

The template you choose for your app comes with its own color palette. If you like, you can recreate color palettes as you wish.


On your homepage you can change the shapes of visual elements like plugin cards, buttons and icons. You can also edit background colors.

Grid System

If you create your app with a template using grid system, you can alter the grid structure.

Icon Library

To use on the button of each plugin you can choose the icon you like from our icon library.

Picture Catalogue

You can upload images to use in your app's design or you can choose from free images in our library.

Mobile App Preview

While creating your app, you can preview your work and display the results of the changes you make in real time.

Web Site Preview

You can navigate your website in preview mode and see how your changes look.

Content Creation

Content Management

On your admin panel you can manage the content of all your projects with ease wherever you like. Moreover, while creating your app, you can edit or add content on any field on the preview screen simply with a click on it.


All your content on Appforyou is protected with high security standards. Your content is displayed only on your mobile app and website.

Back up

You do not need to worry about data loss. All your content is backed up daily. You can also download your content to your personal computer to use on a different platform.

Admin Panel


You can authorize different admins for certain tasks and track their navigation history.


You can authorize new admins and specify the fields they will have access and you can place restrictions.

Content Management

You can manage all your app content on your admin panel and track the activities of your app. You can create new content whenever you like, manage your old content or delete them permanently. Your customers can view all the activities of the plugins that need tracking. For example, they can view incoming orders and reservations, reply user messages from the admin panel, display the answers to survey questions.

New Project Management

You can reach all your projects created with Appforyou on a single panel, check each of your projects. You can switch between the projects and manage their content.

Store Settings

You can create your app images and descriptions for app stores on your admin panel with ease.



Appforyou server infrastructure is designed and configured to meet huge web traffic. Load balance systems and cloud solutions are used to let you get the highest performance from your app and website.

Distributed Server Architecture

Appforyou has many servers in different locations to offer fast and uninterrupted service to its users. All servers are optimized with hardware and software load balance systems.


Appforyou servers are protected by high security standards. The data flow between databases and app servers are kept secure with end-to-end encryption.


To prevent the interruption of your services, all your data is backed up daily in our backup servers. Backup service keeps your backup for one year retrospectively and also you can download your data to your personal computer whenever you like.

Economic Advantage

App Creation Platform

The greatest obstacles that the ones who want to have a mobile app face are the trappy process of developing a unique app, infrastructure services, the tough procedures of publishing on app markets, all of which require high budgets. Instead of bearing this high cost, you can add the plugins you need to your app from Appforyou's plugin library and create your unique app.

Plugins System

You can create your app by choosing the plugins in view of your needs from the ones Appforyou offers. Appforyou's pricing system does not force you to pay a price for overall features. Instead, you pay the most reasonable prices on the market for the plugins you choose individually. In this way, you won't have to pay for the features you will never use and pay only for the ones you need on your app.

Appforyou Developer Certificate

You can either purchase a developer certificate to publish your app on the app markets or publish your app under our developer certificates. In this way, you do not have to allocate a budget for developer certificates.

Native App, Web Site, PWA

With Appforyou you will get the most affordable native app, website and pwa. You can use the plugins of your app on your PWA and website as well, you can have a PWA and website without extra expenses other than platform fees.

Domain Name Extension Domain Name

You can choose a free extension for your PWA and website.

Use your Domain Name

You can customize your domain name, use your own domain name or get one easily from Appforyou.

SSL Certificate

To make your website more secure you can easily obtain and activate an ssl certificate by our SSL Certificate Assistant.

App Revenue Modals

Advertisement Networks

By publishing ads on your app created on Appforyou, you can generate mobile revanue.

Paid Version

You can publish your app paid on app markets, you can charge payments for each download.


You can publish your app free of charge but offer certain content only to your subscribers. By in-app purchase transactions you can sell monthly or yearly subscriptions and generate mobile revenue.

In-app purchase orders

By selling products on your app, you can extend your revenue channels, you can take orders for the products you sell in your local store.

E-commerce Modules

By using Appforyou's E-commerce plugin you can have a powerful e-commerce infrastructure, you can make direct sales on your app and website.


Plugin Developers

If you are a plugin developer, by signing up to our Developers Program, you can sell your plugins to Appforyou users and generate revenue for each purchase of your plugins.

Design Template Developers

By adding your Design Templates to our Design Library, you can let appforyou users buy them for their apps.

(SaaS) Software Service Developers

Your software services can be integrated to Appforyou Platform, you can sell them as monthly packages or demand the cost per use.


App Pool

By joining Appforyou's reseller program, you can create affordable and powerful apps for your customers, if you like, you can also offer content management service by means of your admin panel.

White Label

Thanks to the white label offered to resellers, your customers view only your brand. You can replace Appforyou logos with yours on the admin panel, you can publish your admin panel under your own domain name.

Reseller Panel - Customer Panel

You can reach and manage all your projects on your admin panel. You can authorize new admins for your team or customers and specify the projects or project sub-sections they will be allowed to access.