Mobile App Revenue Modals

Choose your revenue modal and start generating mobile app income.
  • Ad Networks

    You can publish ads on your apps and make money on our platform.

  • Paid Version

    You can publish your app on app stores and charge payment for each download.

  • Subscription
    (Coming Soon!)

    You can publish your app free of charge but make certain content accessible only for subscribers. With in-app purchase transactions you can offer monthly or yearly transactions.

  • Taking in-app purchase order
    (Coming Soon!)

    You can extend your means of income by taking orders on your mobile app for the products you sell in your local store.

  • E-commerce Modules
    (Coming Soon!)

    By using Appforyou's e-commerce plugins you can have a powerful e-commerce infrastructure, you can make sales directly on your mobile app and website.

  • Draw new customers to your local store!

    Apart from making direct income, you can make use of your mobile app to draw customers to your local store, to enhance customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Choose your revenue modal, create your app and generate mobile income.